A new light
A new hope
I’m inspired by a gleam of desire
Something I need but never realised
Come on dear will
We could do this together
Imagine how life would be so much better
This could be that thing we thought we were meant for
People will find my hidden talent for
But is this a talent or a choice?
Could anyone do this or am I making it so appear?
Fancy words sewn together in a rhythm
No form no shape just a sense of elation
A choice it may be but it wasn’t an easy one
It’s something that I might have thought of but never paid any attention
Are we not all sailing on the same boat?
Waiting for that inspiring moment where it might make sense again?
It used to make sense when I was a kid
Dreams, fantasies, talents, all of them had a possibility
Now I question all my choices with probabilities
Perhaps this is the moment that I’ve come the full circle
I only hope I can hold on to it before it flies by again.


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